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Powershell auto reconnect Windows VPN Connections.

Here’s a quick PowerShell script that allows auto-reconnect of Windows VPN connections without having to use VPN Re-dial / Re-connect. You could also use this script to automatically connect the VPN at logon or to stop users disconnecting the VPN manually to bypass company controls.


$vpnName = "<VPN Name>";
    $vpn = Get-VpnConnection -Name $vpnName;
    while($vpn.ConnectionStatus -eq "Disconnected"){
    rasdial $vpnName "username" "password";
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 120

Make sure to update the VPN Name, the username & password.

To get the script to auto-reconnect we want to create a Windows Scheduled task with an event viewer trigger

The important things here are
Log: System
Source: Rasman
EventID: 20268.

This will cause the script to trigger ever time there is a disconnect event.
The latest version of this script can always be found here –¬†https://github.com/ExtendedIT/PowerShell/tree/master/VPN-Reconnection

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