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Remote Desktop Gateway

Remote Desktop Gateway Setup

Working on behalf of an MSP, Extended IT have implemented a secure Remote Desktop Gateway for a company of accountants currently utilizing direct RDP to their individual machines. After suffering numerous AD Account Lockouts caused by intrusion attempts on the direct RDP they asked their existing MSP for a better method of remote access.

After exploring RDP over VPN and turning it down due to performance and effort on behalf of the user, the MSP turned to Extended IT for more options. After accessing the situation and current setup a Remote Desktop Server was ruled out due to server resource availability so we fell on the next best thing, Remote Desktop Gateway to user desktops.

Remote Desktop Gateway removed the requirements for VPNs, NAT for each device and remote machine configuration. Users could now use Remote Desktop Gateway from any machine to any machine to their own office desktop, this requires no additional setup for the MSP and new devices will just work. The whole thing is secured using a public trusted SSL, users are no longer experiencing AD account lockouts due to the additional protection of the RD Gateway and are extremely happy with the new setup. The MSP is now looking to roll Remote Desktop Gateway out to all other clients using direct RDP.




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