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Powershell USB Script

PowerShell Script – USB Devices

Extended IT was asked to provide a script or program for one of our MSP Clients that would alert them whenever someone inserted a USB Device into a server or desktop.┬áThe MSP was finding that their clients weren’t changing their backup drives everyday.

Within a day, Extended IT had developed a a PowerShell script that registered a WMI monitor so that everytime a USB Device was plugged in an email would be sent to the MSP to let them know the name of the drive and which client it was from – this allowed them to then call their client if the device hadn’t been changed. The MSP found that their clients massively valued this service and contributes to them paying the MSP for managing backups.

Overtime this script has developed to also include information about whether devices have been encrypted using BitlLocker to ensure the MSPs clients are meeting company security policies.

If you would like us to provide you with this script drop us an email at – [email protected]

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