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Multi VLAN Setup

Working on behalf of an MSP for their own network, Extended IT have configured a multi VLAN network using a new DrayTek Vigor Router, 6 NetGear Smart Switches and a UniFi wireless system. The MSP wanted to split up thier networks into the following,

Build (For client machines in for re-build / repair work)
Guest Wifi

They had no experience setting up VLANs previously and after having given it a go without getting anywhere, they turned to Extended IT to complete the work for them. After gathering all of the details from the MSP we setup the VLANs and DHCP Scopes on the Draytek, and then configured trunk ports on each of the Netgear switches, we then configured the UniFi APs for both the internal network and guest WiFi and finally provided instructions to the MSP for configuring each port on the switches for the PCs.


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