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How to tell if a potential client is already using office?

We often go to initial client meetings with little if any information about the clients setup, any information we can find out before hand can greatly help us to tailor our advice to their scenario. One of our go to recommendations is to upgrade to Office 365, however before we do this it’s useful to find out if the client is already using Office 365.

So how do we do this? Simple, DNS Scan.

In almost all cases someone who is using Office 365 will have their MX Records point to Exchange Online, A Simple MX lookup will often produce a result like follows,


Here you can see that the last part of the MX Record is ‘mail.protection.outlook.com’ this is the Exchange Online email server.

So what can else can we look for? Other DNS Records, a client may not be using Office 365 as the initial endpoint for their email, in these cases the MX record will point elsewhere. What you want to do is look at the clients SPF Record and other dns records, specifically you are looking for the existence of any of the following records,

Record type

Host Points to TTL
CNAME (Alias) autodiscover autodiscover.outlook.com 1 hour
CNAME (Alias) sip sipdir.online.lync.com 1 hour
CNAME (Alias) lyncdiscover webdir.online.lync.com 1 hour
CNAME (Alias) msoid clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net 1 hour
CNAME (Alias) enterpriseregistration enterpriseregistration.windows.net 1 hour
CNAME (Alias) enterpriseenrollment enterpriseenrollment.manage.microsoft.com 1 hour

If none of these records exists odds are they aren’t using Office 365.