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Encrypting emails in Office 365 [FREE PLUGIN]

Did you know you can easily and cheaply encrypt emails directly from Office 365, did you also know I’ve just written an Outlook plugin that give users an encrypt email button that with a very small amount of admin configuration will allow users to easily select which emails they want to send as encrypted and which ones they don’t.


What will you need?


The plugin works by adding the text [Encrypted] to the front of the subject line for any emails that the user want’s to send encrypted. We then setup a Office 365 rule that looks for any of these emails and encrypts them. So we need to

  • Setup a Transport rule in Exchange Online
  • Assign Licenses to user who we want to encrypt emails
  • Install the plugins on those users machines.

Office 365 Setup:

From the Exchange Admin Center, Select Mail Flow, Rules.
Add a new rule.

Hit save.
Now make sure to assign the Information Protection licenses to the users who need them.

Outlook Setup:

Download the Outlook plugin –¬†https://github.com/ExtendedIT/EmailEncryptOutlook/raw/master/EmailEncryptPluginDeploy.zip
(If you want to check out the code or compile the plugin yourself from the source you can do so here –¬†https://github.com/ExtendedIT/EmailEncryptOutlook)

Install the plugin. That’s it done, users can now click the lock icon to encrypt any email that they want to.