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Mapping an AWS s3 Bucket to a Windows drive.

I want to start this article by saying I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you are looking to run any kind of database style application with files stored in the bucket, this solution will work for any kind of flat storage system you are using. At the end of the day if you are looking for file backup you would be better to use something like Dropbox.

Anyway, I’ve recently come across a scenario where it would be handy for end users to be able to upload some photo files to S3 buckets on a regular basis, I don’t want to show them how to use the S3 CLI and rather than rolling my own interface for this I wanted to use some off the shelf software.

There is another decent solution (TNT Drive) but after testing my money goes on Cloudberry’s Cloud Drive, I already use their managed backup software and find it to be easy to use and well priced. The Cloudberry cloud drive is no different, it’s easy to install and just work, simply enter the login details of an IAM account and you’ll be connected in seconds. The performance is as good as you can expect from this kind of of solution.

It also supports various other providers so I may well end up using it to test out connecting to Azure Blobs.

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