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AWS: Removing EC2 / EBS Marketplace Codes

WARNING: You should only consider this process if you have an instance with an old and no longer in use AWS Marketplace code that is stopping you upgrading to a new instance type. If you do this on an instance that is still using a marketplace license this will stop working.

So recently I came across a scenario where a client had an EC2 Instance that we couldn’t change the instance type for as at some point in the past we were using the AWS Marketplace to provide licensing for an enterprise product installed on the instance. We had long since switched to purchasing Licenses directly from the software supplier and simply entered the licenses into the existing EC2 instances.

The problem we are now having is that since this EC2 instance was launched from a Marketplace AMI it has a marketplace code linked to it and only supports specific instances types. Unfortunately the instance type we wanted to use was not one of the one listed against the marketplace product (it’s too new) so we were unable to perform the instance type upgrade.

So how can you remove this AWS  marketplace product code?

Simply snapshotting the volume and then restoring volume will not work so you have to follow something like the following process.


  1. Snapshot the existing volume
  2. Create a new Instance with the restore snapshot volume to work in
  3. {If Required} Install the latest ENA drivers
  4. Run a backup of the system using a 3rd Party Backup Tool (Windows Backup, Cloudberry Backup Etc..)
  5. Create a new EBS volume of the same size as your existing one
  6. Restore the 3rd Party Backup to the new Volume
  7. This new volume will no longer have the market place code
  8. Attach the new volume to your original instance

You can now change the instance type to whatever you need.